is the leading company in Italy specialized in cleaning and sanitization for jets.



Dust removal, stains and halos.

Removal of dust, stains and halos from furniture surfaces, such as panels, furniture, kitchens, toilets with specific products for the aesthetic enhancement of the accessories present inside. Cleaning of leather seats for their sanitizing and use of nourishing products. Deep cleaning of the control cabin for a correct view of the instrumentation on board with disinfection of the passenger compartment.

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Disinfection and sanitizing of carpets and fabrics.

In indoor environments the proliferation of viruses and bacteria due to human presence, the use of food, beverages and other factors independent of our will is favored. Our Carpet Sanitization service guarantees the sanitizing of carpets and fabrics.
Dust and dirt deposited on the ground are suctioned with powerful carpet cleaners. With our dry foam washing with highly professional machinery all possible stains on the surface are eliminated. This type of treatment does not thoroughly wet the carpet, so the surface remains barely damp.

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I nostri interventi sono certifcati. Usiamo solo prodotti e tecnologie di eccelsa qualità.


Mind the TROLLEY

Careful inspection and prevention of microbial contamination.

With the increase of the traveling population the risk of coming into contact with annoying and small pests, such as bed bugs, mites etc., increases more and more. Prevention is not done anywhere, railways, scheduled airports do not implement preventations for this kind of insects. So inadvertently despite our precautions and hygiene procedures, we may find ourselves against our will to be involuntary transporters of pests and introduce them into our jet through luggage, suitcases, trolleys, cardboard boxes and food and beverage packaging. In this regard, our services include a thorough inspection by specialized personnel.

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The Power of OZONE

Sanitization and disinfection treatment.

Ozone is a professional treatment for sanitizing and disinfecting environments. As can be deduced from the formula O3, the ozone molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms and is highly reactive. It is thanks to this reactivity that it is the most powerful disinfectant existing in nature.
It acts “three-dimensionally” spreading everywhere, just like air does. The ozone treatment is able to break down any toxic element to 100%, including the dangerous dioxin, leaving no residue and turning back into oxygen. The Ministry of Health, with protocol 24482 of 07/31/1996, recognized ozone as a natural garrison for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and mites.

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  • Sanitization of environments with ozone treatment

  • Dust removal, stains and halos from furniture surfaces

  • Cleaning of leather seats using nutritious products.

  • Deep cleaning of the cockpit

  • Aesthetic enhancement of toilets, kitchens and furniture with specific products

  • Sanitizing and sanitizing of carpets and fabrics

  • Suction of dust and dirt deposited in the soil

  • Dry foam cleaning with professional machinery

  • Ozone treatment to eliminate 99.8% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds.

  • Trolley inspection and prevention of possible infestations due to intercontinental travel

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